LadyBug Air-Drop

750 lbs.

Lady Bug Hitch-Hikers are custom one-of-a-kind off-the-grid fully insulated tiny caravans.   The word caravan comes from the Persian karwan meaning "group of desert travelers."   LBHH are streamline, compact, and lightweight, less than 800 pounds in which just about any vehicle can tow, along with fuel consumption being minimally affected.  Inside the fully insulated and secure cabins, there is room for two adults.  Outside, at the rear under a hatch, is a basic galley kitchen for washing, prepping and cooking.  LBHH can be easily stored in the average garage or carport. 

LBHHs are 'Barn-Livin's Green Homes for Blue Collars' version of a teardrop, in which the focus is on 'Green methodology'  being that they contribute to green living practices that help conserve resources like energy along with minimal environmental impact.  In addition, our tear-drop caravans utilize a large percentage of locally produced building materials and are fabricated by a local Amish Woodcraft Company in the Finger Lakes Region of NY.  

LadyBugs are perfect for that spontaneous minimalist looking for that unique little camper that can be stocked-stowed ready to log some miles at a moments notice.

IMG_5927 (1).JPG

The Trailer

Overall dimensions 11'-8" x 5'-5" 

*Certified Dept. Of Transportation (DOT) 

  • Heavy duty 48" x 96" steel bed frame and fenders with baked enamel finish & Mud Flaps

  • Three leaf spring suspension, Two 4.8 x 12 in. diameter tires

  • Spare tire (optional add on)

  • Hitch Coupler, safety chains, 1-7/8 in. ball hitch, wiring harness, trailer lights, and license plate holder


Galley Kitchen

  • Aluminum Ceiling Panel

  • Painted Plywood Shelving, Dividers and Counter tops

  • 120 lb Gas Cylinder Galley Hatch Props 

  • Rear Deck "T" Handle Keyed, with 2 Point Latch

  • Drop leaf counter-top extension (optional add on)

  • Butcher Block Counter Tops (optional add on)


Sleeping Cabin

48"W x 72"-78"L x 48"H 


  • Structural Sheathing and Floor Deck with Undercoating

  • Composite insulated Floor, Walls and Ceiling

  • Aluminum Skin and Trims

  • (2) Foam Core, Heavy Duty, Doors with tinted Window, 1/2 vent and Screen, Exterior key lock, Interior dead bolt lock, (fully secured sleeping compartment).

  • Custom High-Resolution Photo on Weather Proof Durable Vinyl Sides 

  • Heavy Duty Tongue Box  

  • LED Motion Detector Exterior Solar Lights

  • Positive-seal opaque Roof Vent with Screen

  • Dual Solar Powered Stainless-Steel Ventilators (Promotes quality indoor air quality while sleeping in close quarters)



  • Pre-finished radius plywood ceiling and painted walls 

  • Indoor/ outdoor, textured Carpet