LadyBug Hitch-Hikers

 "Taking Tiny Livin' on the Road" 






About Us

We are a Mother- Daughter, Woman Owned; Design-Build Business, Located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  For over 11 years, our Company ‘Barn Livin’; Green Homes for Blue Collars’, has worked with average families in creating custom one-of-a-kind ‘green’ barn homes.  We are always inspired by the outdoors and love to travel, so we are taking our philosophies on the road, via our sister company, LadyBug Hitch-Hikers.


Focusing on building affordable, light weight, custom campers for you is our mission.  Ladybugs focus on 'Green methodology' being that they contribute to green living practices that help conserve resources like energy along with minimal environmental impact.  In addition, our Ladybugs utilize a large percentage of locally produced building materials and locally sourced labor.


​Teardrops have made a resurgence and are again growing in popularity.  Due to the ever increasing cost of fuel, ease of maneuvering, along with environmental consciousnesses - Teardrops are becoming a global phenomenon.

Our Micro-Camper is the Perfect Off-Grid Weekender- weighing only 3,000 lbs.  You are fully sustainable in your SunFish and the open road is your map.  


LadyBug Hitch-Hikers… "Your Journey Starts Here"

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